We Should Have Expected This

This is the prequel to Reducing Medical Costs (at the cost of health)

Dr. Michael Conway, a cardiologist, responds to an emergency call at the hospital. He examines Mr. Jenkins. In the course of a dye study to diagnose plugged arteries, Mr. Jenkins dies. The autopsy shows Mr. Jenkins was murdered.

Older patients are dying at a high rate, and it appears some of them have been murdered during medical treatment. Security people are assigned to observe operations, and a detective begins to investigate the deaths.

When physicians request preauthorization for some procedures, Medicare is turning down many of the requests. Some patents are being denied medications.

Michael's aunt is scheduled for a hip replacement. One of Michael's partners examines her to verify her heart is healthy enough for surgery. The partner tells Michael that his aunt is as healthy as a race horse. There should be minimal risk. Michael's aunt is looking forward to walking without pain.

Most of the members of the Conway family are medical professionals. When Michael's aunt unexpectedly dies during surgery, the family begins to speculate that she may also have been murdered.

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