Vanishing Blue

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Claire O’Leary was an intelligent woman who lived in Boston, Massachusetts, but because of a genetic ability to feel and hear things that, quite frankly, weren’t from this world, her life was unusual, chaotic and sometimes terrifying. Although, she understood that the world was made up of many variables it didn’t make it any easier when she was dealing with spirits, shadows and links to unnatural horrific creatures that went bump in the night. Okay, maybe that should be reworded to evil creatures that attacked in the night.

Claire didn’t pay much attention to ghosts that confronted her daily, until Gabe Walden, writer and love of her life, decided to take a bike ride in the country and found himself lost. That’s when he discovered a little town called Hanover, changing their lives forever when he’d encountered a spirit of a little girl he called “Vanishing Blue.”

Vanishing Blue was linked to Gabe’s past and a key to his future. A future that grew bleaker by the moment after he learned the spirit of his great-grandmother, Maureen Flannigan wanted him dead. It was incomprehensible to Gabe and quickly turned into Claire’s worst nightmare when she finally called on Stan Bradley, Gabe’s friend and agent. Stan had the ability to sense energy in things he touched while bringing humor into dark situations. Together they battled the evil forces bent on eliminating Gabe’s bloodline, but could they succeed while an unknown entity moved against Claire disrupting her concentration and posing a life-threatening situation to her very soul?

Time wasn’t on her side as she raced forward in a mad struggle for Gabe’s life, and in the process worried she might lose Stan’s life, as well.

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