The Pickup Guy

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Jason Sears tells his story of a financially struggling, 17-year-old, full-time college student starting his freshman year at Fairfield University, juggling and balancing his time between classes, studying to keep his grades up, working hard to please his demanding girlfriend, and trying to have some fun as a student while picking up suicides, DOA’s, dismembered corpses and badly-decomposed bodies, twenty-four-seven for Burns Brothers Funeral Home.

Jason finds himself, unknowingly, drawn into the shady, unscrupulous dealings of Chad Burns, son of the owner, Roger Burns. His academic studies are going down the toilet. His relationship with Savannah is in jeopardy. Jason is faced with the dilemma of whether to quit the crooked funeral home business, gaining his life and freedom back; or to continue down the evil, dark path of destruction, losing Savannah for good as well as to possibly end up a corpse himself, or face prison time as the FBI is quickly closing in on him. He could lose it all including his life and reputation.

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