The Chronicle of the Beast

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The Chronicle of the Beast is a story surrounded on two brothers, Apollo and Kaida, who fall through a portal one day exploring through the forests of their back yard. Once through the portal, they stumble upon an entirely new world where monsters reign supreme- and not just monsters like the ones you can find in Greek mythology, no, monsters of a more human kind. When they land in this new world, they are attacked by the beasts of the world but saved by a scientist and his colony who we later find out has ulterior motives to his altruism.

Trying to escape this maniacal dictator, Apollo leaves the city where he was once held captive and finds a peaceful tribe in the forest. Then it becomes up to him and his new found friends in the tribe, to break back into the compound to save his brother. It’s a great take on what makes up brotherhood, how tyranny can arise out of even the best intentions, and what it overall means to be human even in the most monstrous of worlds.

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