Tales of Moonlight Romance


Love at Tadpole Square
By LaRae L Parry

Tadpole Square, a Witch and Warlock owned underground establishment, has a mission. Because of their love for good music, they use their black magic to launch careers of talented human singers or rid the world of bad ones. To them, the only worthy human is one who can sing well.

Cursed Salvation
By Aerial Best

Beautiful and lonely Aidan was born a werewolf. Her life was spent hiding her secret and living behind lies. Even her parents didn’t know about her burdensome secret as they were both human. As far as she knew, she was the only one of her kind. Resigned to a life of loneliness and secrets, Aidan suddenly finds herself attracted to Adam.

Love Within a Forest Dark
By Victoria Perkins

Journalist Randi Carlson can't believe that her editor is making her interview television actor Dayton Temple, a handsome young man who Randi despises. When Randi shows up at his house, Dayton is further annoyed to discover he's expected to play nice with the journalist who recently wrote a scathing review of his work. Randi has decided to use the opportunity to ruin Dayton's career and begins prying into his past.

Sins of the Killer
By Shalana Edwards

Fiona Scott is an artist and author living near the city of Raymond, Maine by Sebago Lake. Fiona has known since she was a small child that she has specific psychic abilities, which she uses in her writing and painting. However, she goes to great lengths to keep this part of herself hidden from the general public. Fiona considers her abilities a curse and has always shunned long term romances to protect herself from certain heartbreak. But then she meets the handsome Alex Reese and realizes that he is being haunted by an angry ghost.

Valentina’s Vengeance: The Walden Beginning
By Summer James

Valentina is many things, but tolerant of those who mock love with callous disregard is not one of them. The Walden brothers are tall, devilishly handsome, and charming beyond compare – but Nathan, Reed and Chance use those qualities to dishonor the spirit of love and women in 1600’s Salem. Valentina shows the brothers her vengeance on All Hallow’s Eve in a series of curses that will force them to learn the true power and meaning of love… or be doomed forever to walk the world as ghosts.

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