Surrendering Love's Sins


Kerrianna Anders was born with a special gift; the power to draw sins from people with just a touch upon their skin. For years she hated her gift and wanted only to escape it. However, when her grandmother, her only other family member passed away and she thought that she would finally be able to stop using her gift, Kerrianna was horrified to find that it wasn’t a gift at all; it was a curse. A curse passed down through her family lines for over a thousand years. Suddenly she realizes she hasn’t been helping people all these years as she had thought and that she was the last living Anders, the only one who could stop the sin eaters and their powerful leader, Drake Constitine.

Drake Constitine hated the Anders. Because of them, he and his people had been suffering the curse for over a thousand years. Now that there was only one Anders left, all he had to do was get rid of her and the curse would be broken. He never expected to find the last Anders woman to be so beautiful; so strong and surprisingly innocent. Now he had a choice; let her live and force his people to continue to endure their curse, or get rid of her and save his people.

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