The Secret Code of the Dead

A close group of four childhood friends, based in England's capital, embark on a journey of discovery that will have them travelling to a war ravaged Iraq. They inadvertently open doorways to a world that should be kept firmly shut. As the story unfolds, natural cynicism is dispelled as they awaken to the only possible conclusion; they have found a code to listen to the dead.

This is a very powerful tool and it soon attracts interest from people that would abuse this gift.

An extraordinary amount of time and money is invested in our desire to communicate with the departed, but if there is an afterlife, surely its inhabitants would wish to communicate with the living too? This story is about such a possibility and how one man's unique skills enable the dead to construct a language around his life experiences.

You'll get 4 PDFs, 1 EPUB and 1 MOBI

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