Paperbacks: 2017 Pinnacle Award Winners

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N.A.B.E. 2017 Spring Pinnacle Award Winners

Amethyst: By K.L. Dimago

When a fearsome pirate captain hires on a new crew member, she hardly expects he might teach her to love. However, as her carefree life on the seas spirals out of control, she might not have anyone else to turn to. Hoping to escape a violent past among the fae people, Amethyst set sail on a ship that will bow to no one. Cadell is a captain who must reign in vampire instincts while still squelching anyone who would oppose him ...

Clan of Midnight: Richard Phillip Hoffman

The immortal races are revealed, the world has changed, and after twenty-five years of living in secret after a faked death, the immortal magician David Zane returns home to the life he had been forced to leave behind armed only with a United States citizenship, a government issued home and an eagerness to get back to a normal life. His plans are soon complicated, however, when a newspaper reveals his identity and immortal race to the community at large ...

Festival of Beasts: Pamela Hill

"Festival of Beasts" is a fast-paced tale of deceit, which begins in Florida and peaks in the filthy streets of a South American village during a century old annual celebration. Murder, an art heist, and a kidnapping bring together thirty-year-old Amelia and ten-year-old Gabriel. Trapped together, they must outsmart drug lords, militia, and de banditos to escape terror plaguing the Settlement. A journey from darkness to light in the physical realm mirrors Amelia’s inner journey through ...

More Than Love: Mary Frances Cavallaro

A tale of maturity, love, and passion, Mary Frances Cavallaro brings you headfirst into the world of young Fanny Dickens. This young, aspiring Shakespeare professor seems to have her life set with a fiancé in a small town back home, an exciting new job, and an attitude that rivals and rebels against her patriarchic society. Until she meets Robert Joy, a young man with a mysterious disposition that shakes Fanny's beliefs to the core ...

The Blue Horse: Jill Hand

Fact mixes with fantasy as a hairless blue horse discovered in South Africa in 1860, grazing with a herd of zebra, becomes the object of a quest by a trio of unlikely time travelers. Rosina, an intrepid Victorian young lady, her fiancé, Ned York, who was imprisoned in the Tower of London by his uncle, Richard III, and the irascible Olga from Czarist Russia must work together to obtain the horse from its owner, an amiable but none-too-bright English peer who has scandalized his neighbors by marrying a circus bareback rider ...

Vanishing Blue: Cheryl L. Linturn

Claire O’Leary was an intelligent woman who lived in Boston, Massachusetts, but because of a genetic ability to feel and hear things that, quite frankly, weren’t from this world, her life was unusual, chaotic and sometimes terrifying. Although, she understood that the world was made up of many variables it didn’t make it any easier when she was dealing with spirits, shadows and links to unnatural horrific creatures that went bump in the night.

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