Paperback: Kimantsi

KIMANTSI is a novel which encompasses an eight-year span in the life of the Patton family. It begins with the murder of JOSIE PATTON at the very moment she gives birth to a son with the help of her twelve-year-old daughter PUMPKIN. A Cherokee warrior, Kimantsi, on the prowl of replacements for his sister and son kills Josie and steals two of her children. The book begins in Arkansas and travels throughout the southern states, culminating in an eight-year trek which her father, SIMS PATTON takes to reunite his family.

The President, ‘Old Hickory’ Jackson has signed into law The Indian Removal Act and the rounding up of the Five Civilized Tribes begins. Sims returned to Arkansas to discover three of his children have died and the surviving son is on his way out west with another family. Sims falls ill while making the trip to Fort Smith Arkansas hoping to find MATHEW before it is too late. When his illness passes, his savior becomes wife number two who begins to travel with him on his search.

His missing daughter Pumpkin, now known as Ahyoka has begun to integrate herself into the Cherokee tribe. Living as a Cherokee, her clan has been caught up in a sweep of Indians in the Carolinas by the government and forced to walk The Trail of Tears. Both stories run concurrent to each other as the father, who has found his son resumes his hunt for his kidnapped daughter.

Ahyoka and her clan escaped the death march by walking away and heading north to Canada. They stumble across other Cherokee who had escaped and built themselves a life out of the reach of soldiers. It is here Ahyoka will begin to remember her past when Kimantsi kills her husband MAGI. A widow with two children she becomes fearful of the man who kidnapped her then save her life numerous times and who she calls brother. She dodges his unwanted advances, as he becomes more and more obsessed with her. It will take his death to break his grip on her. Based on a true event in history, I have added my characters to the decade in which our government became guilty of killing so many American Natives under the guise of progress.

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