Love Under the Snowfall


Mistletoe for Generations Lost

by Francisco Duarte

In a small European country a powerful insurgent group emerged from the broken streets to bring down the government. While her nation is ravaged by war a young woman, Carolina, has to deal with the fact that her heart holds the burden of a forbidden passion.

Love Returns at Christmas
by Anya Tikka

Love Returns at Christmas is a story of star-crossed childhood sweethearts in a small Catskills, New York town whose love goes through testing times. Seemingly everything conspires to keep them apart, starting with their own parents.

But is there something deeper hidden behind the families’ outright dislike and anger at each other? Little by little the threads woven long time ago start to unravel to expose a past the young couple could not have imagined. Will their love win in the end?

A Christmas Diary of Love
by Amy Carothers

Laura Norman can’t seem to forget about the stay in Italy on an exchange program, when she fell in love with Paolo. She cannot forget that time, and her memory of it eludes her every Holiday season before Christmas. Intrigued by a new man, she begins to journal about him, as well as her experience with love. Little does she know that her journaling will be read by a stranger, revealing her innermost feelings on romance. Her privacy is broken, along with the leash she’s kept upon her own heart. Will she let go, and love again?

In Love with…Santa?
by LaRae L Parry

Aspiring journalist, Shelby Sam, dresses up like a man in order to snag a Santa Claus gig so she can get in the with President of the Celebrity rag that she wants to write for. While applying for the Santa job (disguised as a man), she literally runs into Derrick, the most beautiful man she has ever seen. She desperately desires to be with him. Too bad he thinks she’s not only a guy, but also a fellow Santa Claus worker. As usual, Shelby gets herself in a jam – this time, only Santa himself can straighten her mess. Can the man she loves accept her lies as a phony guy, playing a phony Santa to get a job with the company that Derrick’s father owns? Does Santa have that much magic in his bag?

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