The Glass Slipper Conspiracy


Saving a Princess, rescuing a kingdom from an ambitious and wicked mage and helping a pair of lovers to stay together should have been the hardest thing William Tenys ever did….

And now the kingdom of Altria’s premier detective is ready to rest on his laurels and start investigating things like missing jewelry and cheating spouses. But the wicked never sleep, so William discovers when he is hired by a desperate young lady to investigate, of all things, a cobbler creating high class shoes.

Everyone knows that a young noble lady needs just the right things to make her happily ever after come true, but this particular lady seems to be attracting all the wrong luck. Now she has a dress that should have been made from silk-but instead proved to be linen-jewelry made from fool’s gold and painted glass and worse of all, shoes made from a material that looks like glass, but proves to be nearly fatal when worn. And she’s not the only one or the last one to be struggling to find her Happily Ever After in the Kingdom of Altria….

The Glass Slipper Conspiracy

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