The Final Conflict


In the far, far future, an over-worked historian sits in an office surrounded by mounds of paperwork. He is part of a government research study that seeks to answer the question of why human civilization nearly collapsed thousands of years ago, which remains a mystery. Although the historian was initially enthusiastic about the project, he has been poring over ancient documents for weeks with nothing to show for it and is starting to lose heart.

One day, however, his research assistant brings him something different: an ancient manuscript that is a first person testimonial written by an anonymous individual with an incredible story to tell. As the historian reads the manuscript, he is shocked to read of the author's experiences living though a shattering, Earth-changing event, the likes of which have never been documented before. It is a story of mass destruction, survival and hope, not just of the author but of the entire world as humanity struggles to survive against a new and powerful enemy that came from out of nowhere with a sinister and deadly agenda of wiping out mankind.

The historian is horrified by what he reads, but he also believes that it will provide the answer that the world has been waiting thousands of years to discover, and it is more shocking than anyone could ever imagine.

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