Dying in June

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On a lifelong journey to meet and conquer death, 19-year-old June Mackie is determined to be in charge of her own destiny. When she wakes in the hospital to find she has failed, once again, to die her strong-will to follow through takes over and she devises a surefire plan. June decides to find a way to get to Montana where she can fall from Chief Mountain, and for the last time, succeed in meeting death.

When she meets Frank, her 33-year-old road companion with a thick British accent, dirty fingernails, and a complete lack of refinement, what she once viewed as her certain destiny becomes skewed. Keeping her reason for the trip a secret, June soon learns that Frank has also been hiding a secret-- one that will determine the fate of each of them. When June is forced to make a new decision, meeting death will no longer be as easy as she hoped. Edgy, suspenseful, and strangely romantic, Dying in June captures the essence of new love, selflessness, and sacrifice.

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