Der Reizen

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Herta Tanner, a young Canadian woman, inherits a cottage in Bavaria, Germany, as well as an unusual job. According to her interpretation of a letter from an unknown relative, she must learn to be a pimp for vampires. Herta only wants to get her life together after a nasty divorce and maybe find a friend or two along the way. She becomes a suspect in a murder and after discovering a secret entrance to Tielen, Herta discovers that she must choose from a multitude of men (all aspects of the same man, her soul mate), one to rule Tielen, the alternate universe that resides behind the Gates. She makes her choice, but is it the right one?

Once her choice is made, Herta discovers she is to be treated as royalty for a generation, twenty-five years, provided she can follow Tielen rules. In Germany, Herta runs into other problems, not the least of which is the Thule Society who want Herta and her soul mate dead. Herta holds her own until she loses her temper.

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