The Churchill Legacy

Alex Hayward the Chief Officer of the M/V British Enterprise a Dynamic Positioning ship is surveying and repairing an undersea cable in Mid-Atlantic. The specialist ship chartered to the MOD and NATO. Alex and his technician friend Trivet stumble across a strange large wreck on
the seabed. The mystery deepens when they find the wreck unrecorded on any Admiralty chart.

The Royal Navy Liaison Officer on board the ship becomes suspicious of their activities. The ship suddenly ordered to return to base in Esbjerg. Alex finds himself under interrogation by the British Security Services and then fired for refusing to sign the Official Secrets Act.
He finds himself on the beach with few prospects. Then realizing he is still subject to an official investigation and under surveillance. He disappears on his yacht ‘Jester’ determined to solve
the mystery of the wreck.

While following up on old records he meets the delicious Kate a. nurse on leave from Doctors without Borders. Recently kidnapped and released by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Kate has a family connection with the wreck. Alex falsely accused of espionage. The couple pursued and harassed by the Security Services. They uncover a wartime conspiracy possibly involving Winston Churchill.

The intrigue may still have severe implications for the Special Relationship between the USA and Great Britain. With the potential to destroy important reputations, while changing the history of the war.

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