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The Traveler of the South, as he has become known to some, is a modern day travelling musician. A bluesman who plays small bars to concert halls. Always sought after and hard to come by, not many know much about the mysterious drifter other than his signature sound and enigmatic personality. Perhaps it’s best they don’t, because bluesmen know trouble, and evil is never too far from their trail. For this bluesman, evil has shadowed him since he began to play the blues, drawn by siren song. It’s a life of enjoyment on stage, and a nightmare off of it.

Tales of Terror - A horror story collectible

Outside of Steele

By Christopher S. Allen

Outside the small West Virginia town of Steele, a mutilated body is found sacrificially displayed within a hollow tree trunk. The local police and a detective from the larger town of Phistle begin looking for clues to identify the unknown cadaver and to find out who used him for such a display. What they discover is something far more sinister than they expected.

The Awakening of Samantha Stein

By Richard Phillip Hoffman

In 1983, years before the events of Clan of Midnight, a woman nearing elderly follows the persistent dreams that have haunted her for a half century to a farm in Colorado seeking out the daughter she never had but always wanted who she believes is imprisoned there by some kind of monster. Understanding that, she goes armed, and step by step works her way down through the farm, into a hill, and into the dark to where the girl is and learns more about the girl, the monster, the world she was born into and herself to a far great degree than she could have ever imagined.

Bitch of a Witch

by Boyd Reynolds

Breaking up is hard to do, especially for Charlie. The woman of his dreams, Sabine, has become a nightmare – callously ending their love affair and leaving his mind obsessing on her every move. It’s as if a spell has been cast upon him. For every woman he sees, they all look like Sabine. Charlie’s long-time friend, Anna, offers him a way out. He must cross over the border and seek help from the old witch. The witch can wipe his memory clean of Sabine.Yet there’s a twist – should he ever see his ex-girlfriend again, the result will end in murder. He agrees but eventually becomes a pawn between Sabine, Anna and the witch, all vying for power, love and a kiss. On Halloween night, he crosses the border and can’t take his eyes off a woman. Finally, he remembers - it’s Sabine. The witch’s prophecy must be fulfilled, as someone will die at Charlie’s hands.

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