Blood Moon Rising

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Here a Wolf, There a Wolf…

William Tenys is taking a much need vacation out of Altria city for a while. Some country air, fresh food picked from the orchard, maybe a lithe farm girl or two to ease his lonely heart after the loss of Farrin and generally a chance to get out of the city for a while. He finds what he things will be the perfect place for some solitary thoughts but he is instead thrust in the middle of two warring clans.

A murder has been committed and both sides are demanding answers. What’s worse is that no matter what that answer is, the two clans will likely go to bloody battle with each other and bring down William and anyone else in the vicinity with them. To top it all off, both clans are families of werewolves and neither group in particular has humanity’s best interests at heart. In order to save his fellow man, stave off a bloody civil war and get paid, William has to figure out who the murderer was, why the person did it, and how to stop it from happening again. And the full moon is coming….

Blood Moon Rising

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