Bewitched Love


...a collection of paranormal romance stories

The Tale of Callista Vagare

By Mary Frances Cavallaro

Callista Vagare’s life as a gypsy was almost perfect. Except for the traveling. But all of that changed on the fateful night pirates attacked her camp and left her an orphan. Young, bitter and scared, Callista levels a curse on all those who had anything to do with her family’s death, never realizing that very curse may affect her years later. And that of her one true love’s.

Imprisoned Hearts…
By K.L. Dimago

Seven years after Emily let the best thing that ever happened in her life walk away, he suddenly shows up at one of her tables at the restaurant where she works. David. Her high school sweetheart. And he wants her to use her magic to help him. A magic she hasn't used since they parted. When David makes it clear he came to her strictly for the magic... she can't help but question why her as opposed to another witch?
As they fight to stop a group of hunters and recover a stolen amulet with the power to imprison souls, Emily must control both her magic and the desires tearing at her heart.

Bespelled Barbarian…
By Tess Lynne

Lindie Edmonds knew she sucked at being a witch, but how had she managed to mess up so horribly? She was only trying to make her vampire friend invisible, not drag a two hundred pound barbarian across time and dimensions. Nicholas McKail couldn’t believe his eyes when the witch tried to push his sword away. Did she not fear for her verra life? All he wanted was to get back to his clan, but fate had other ideas for the couple.

This is book one of the Love Chronicles, a sort of introduction to the new series. Stay tuned after this story for information on the upcoming series of books.

The Lost Tunnel of Love…
By Peter Andrew Sacco

The Screaming Tunnel in Niagara Falls Canada is one of the most famous tunnels in North America, and it is haunted! This over-a-century old tunnel is often visited by people from all ages, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ghost of the girl who haunts it. The famous 1980's movie based on Stephen King's book The Dead Zone was filmed in it as well, only adding to its mystical legend. Who is this girl" who haunts the tunnel? How did she get there? Rumor has it she is looking for love, not any love, but the love of her life dating back to the 1800's. Enter at your own risk; after all, it is a tunnel of 'lost' love!

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