Beloved Dead


For two hundred years, Cage Aldrich has haunted Charleston, searching for a new body with one intent: revenge on the hag who tortured him, then buried him beneath the waves.

For two hundred years, Genevieve Vetivier has never regretted sending Cage to his death. She looks ageless – for she possesses beauty fashioned by unspeakable evil.

For two months, Imogen Mortensen, an art student, has carved wood into a master work: a classical male statue. It’s proof of her talent.

It’s Cage’s only hope.

Will avenging his death cost Cage an opportunity at a first love and a second life at life? His soul, and an innocent girl’s future hang in the balance.

Beloved Dead journeys into the rich legends of Charleston, South Carolina. Haints, hags, and plat-eyes? The paranormal myths of the Deep South - revived.

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