Another Los Angeles Night

This is a prequel to Clan of Midnight

The Magician David Zane has had better nights. Shot twice in the back, left for dead, surrounded by hostile rioters, and lying on a table with a vampire surgeon digging into the holes looking for the bullets within he is quickly saddened to learn that this is only the beginning.

During the 1992 Los Angeles Riots a meeting between vampires and magicians has gone terribly wrong. David Zane managed to save the life of a young magician noblewoman named Ellen Corey from his own commander and survived, barely, only to learn soon after that Ellen Corey, due to her rather high position in court, has become the target of some of the most dangerous immortal inhabitants of the city.

With no place to hide and no one to turn to David Zane, deeply injured, must escort Ellen Corey across the City of Angels over one of the fieriest and violent nights in its history while simultaneously being hunted down by some of its most psychotic vampire denizens and his former teammates all of whom are magicians, ex-military and much more experienced in both.

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